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Economics Crisis Speaker:楊光 Yang Guang 2012011694 World Economic Crisis Causes Prominent Events In History Main characteristics Influences Lessons Causes The mistakes of economic policy; The shortage of the raw material( oil crisis); Natural disasters; The consequences of the globalization; The wrong of financial policies;… The primary cause of economic crisis is the capitalistic system. The radical contradiction of the capitalism is between the sociality of the product and the private possession of the capitalism. Obviously because of this, it is inevitable that the economic crisis happens every decades of years regularly. Prominent Events In History The first world economic crisis in 1857 The 1929-1933 economic crisis in capitalist world Tulip Mania(郁金香狂熱) in 1637 South Sea Bubble(南海泡沫)in 1720 Oil Crisis during 1973-1975 Black Monday in 1987 Southeast Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 The American economic 【the subprime crisis(次貸危機)】 The 1929-1933 economic crisis in capitalist world During this period,the stock market on Wall Street in New York City got into a serious situation that people started selling shares madly due to the slump of share prices. Later,its effects spread to the whole world:banks faced bankruptcy one by one.At the same time,factories along with corporations closed down;the rate of unemployment jumped up;the income of farmers went down. The disaster continued till 1933 and it took several years for many countries to regain prosperity. Influences Economic decline(經濟滑坡), stock market crash (股市崩盤), acclaim(公司倒閉), individual bankruptcy(個人破產); Social turmoil (社會動亂), such as parade and demonstration and bashing(聚眾鬧事); Coup d'état(政變) such as fascism in Germany, Italy and Japan; Adjustments in the national economy, such as Roosevelt‘s new deal(羅斯福新政); Becoming the root of wars: for example, Germany, Italy and Japan let loose the dogs of World War II in order to in order to transfer the crisis to other countries ; The transformation of economic thoughts: from economic liberalism to state intervention in the economy(經濟自由主義) or dirigismus m (國家干預經濟政策) ; … The economic crisis in 1929 The American economic The American economic crisis is also called the subprime crisis(次貸危機). The relaxing regulations on the credit and the persistently increasing tendency in the real estate and stock resulted in the final collapse of economy. Thousands of people lost their jobs and the stores closed down in the Wall Street overnight. Affected Countries America China Iceland Britain:possibly getting into another Great Depression. Greece:causing riots and probably quitting the Euro Zone. Ukraine(烏克蘭):almost encounting a nationwide economic collapse. America Of course, the America’s first place in the world economy was inescapably influenced. And in order to transfer the crisis to other countries,the America dollar was devalued. Obviously,America is just like a schemer(陰謀家),it successfully gets away from the crisis and leaves the world curing itself. Anyway, America’s economy is recovering from the economic shadow while the other countries are in slump. The city under the economic crisis And in this worldwide crisis, the America’s subprime crisis is the worst which is considered to be the chance of the reconstruction of the world financial system. China The economic crisis first happened in the littoral area of China and then affected the backland. At the beginning, the money devalued resulting in the inflation which mainly caused the crisis. Later many factories closed down and people were out of jobs. To a degree, the government’s powerful regulation has successfully controlled the serious situation . As a matter of fact, our economic growth mainly depends on export. The world’s slump sharply affects our export. We are especially affected by the European countries and America. Iceland Influenced by the 2008 economic crisis,Iceland was faced with bankruptcy.Earlier,Huge losses in the investment abroad resulted in Iceland's banking crisis,so the government resorted to the rescue plan which,however,deteriorated the financial system. It has been days since Iceland's economic crisis,but Icelanders'nightmare has not finished yet.The premier has alledged that the economic crisis is likely to happen again in the near future. Tulip Mania(郁金香狂熱) in 1637 In the beginning,the unbalanced phenomenon between the supply and demand of tulips made the price of these flowers soar. Then,some speculators invaded the market driven by enormous benefits. Finally,many civilians got involved in this incident to get rid of poverty,which caused a steep fall in the price of tulips. South Sea Bubble(南海泡沫)in 1720 In the 18th century,British owned considerable idle funds.Seeing a huge business opportunity,South Sea Company based in Britian reached a bargain with the government and issued large quantities of stocks.However,disappointed at the real performence of the company,many insiders as well as officials had to sell their shares,thus leading to a severe collapse in the company's stock price. The Bubble completely shattered! Main characteristics There are some slight differences in the phenomena of economic crisis between before and after World War॥. The pre-war crisis is characterized by deflation,falling prices,rising interest rates and bank failures;while inflation and rising prices occurred in the post-war crisis. However,the two periods share the same features:production impairment and unemployment surge. Influences Economic crisis causes the economy continues to have a negative growth, such as economic decline(經濟滑坡), stock market crash (股市崩盤), acclaim(公司倒閉), individual bankruptcy(破產); and that the supply exceeds the demand causes thousands of waste of products and tremendous waste of the wealth of society. It further deepens the class contradictions in capitalism such as social turmoil (動亂), coup d‘état(政變); It also intensifies the contradictions between capitalist countries and developing countries, such as the anti-Japanese war; Adjustments in the national economy, new chances of economic development , such as Roosevelt‘s new deal(羅斯福新政), from economic liberalism to state intervention in the economy or dirigismus m (國家干預經濟政策) ; Lessons drawn First, prosperity and crisis are always closely connected. Not only is each country supposed to pay attention to the current direct benefits, but they should focus on the future and ensure the sustainable development of economy, nipping the potential crisis in the bud. Second,the government must adapt its internal systems and policies to the development of economy.Moreover,to harmonize international relations will create a favorable environment for economic growth. Third,once the economic crisis appears,all countries and organizations are required to take their respective duties and obligations,thus keeping the crisis from deterioration.With regional economic collectivization(區域經濟集團化) and global economic integration(全球經濟一體化) acceIerating,international collaboration is particularly significant. Thank U






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